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My not so lifestyle, "lifestyle" blog

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I will go ahead and throw out my disclaimer: I am NOT a blogging expert. I do not have a magazine worthy home or fancy recipes to offer you. I can't afford high end mud face masks, and even if I could, the twenty minutes it takes to grind up said mask with that fancy bowl and stick thing and then apply it to my face and wait for it to dry...yea, I don't have the time for that. I am not a DIY person per se. I am not a fashionista. I think I look pretty cute most days, but I am not sure that the fashion world would shoot me to the top of their list.

I do not have professional photos to offer you of myself or my family, but I do have ones taken on my I phone and my fancy DSLR camera that my husband shot. I even edited them a little bit so they look somewhat profesh...I do hope one day to have some of these above things because I think it would be cool or fun to share a more refined knowledge with you, but for today, I do not. I will tell you what I do have:

I do have a real home. One that is currently about 2,000 SF too small for my growing family, because my husband and I bought it when we were engaged and never really factored in the producing little humans detail. It is messy most days, but I am an expert at maximizing space in said too-small house. It has too many toys, but I have some really cool hacks on how to have all those toys, but still apply some order to your homes. It is decorated with a combination of our college/dating/single day furniture and transitioning to what I call "real grown up decor". I am really good at finding out how to merge the two to be aesthetically pleasing and add some new "grown-up" pieces without breaking your budget.

What I like to call "getting there". Hint- the black Lazy Boy is one of those pre marriage, husband acquired pieces ;)

I have a real working mom schedule. One that is about 5-8 hours too short on a daily basis to allow me to accomplish 1/3 of what is on my to-do list. And I am really good at time management. I implement some really fun scheduling ideas to help me survive and get through the week.

A good planner is a MUST

I do have real life meals. Not the ones that would "wow" I will admit, but they are tasty and mostly nutritional and REALISTIC. Because if you can just refer to the paragraph above, you will recall that little theme of no time. Fancy ingredients, simmering sauces..yea that's all going to have to wait. I have recipes that are made for survival: edible, easy, efficient. The 3 e's of eating if you will.

This is an example of one of my meals. When I go out to a fancy restaurant. One day I will have time to prepare meals like this, but not today.

I do have a real marriage. One that is full of great times and true passion. But also one where the sound of his chewing makes me irrationally angry and I want to throw a pillow at his face. And we really work on it. I have some awesome tips I have learned from over a decade together and a lot of tried and true tips from marriage counselors, therapists, and professionals that have been life changing within our marriage.

I am a real life recovering addict. I have been in recovery from drug addiction for a decade. I lost everything at one point in my life both materialistically and emotionally. And I still work on this part of me. Every. Single. Day. My husband is a recovering addict as well. And we openly share this and talk about it because it is our experience that there are so many others struggling with addiction themselves, or have loved ones that are. There are so many people with depression, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, and countless other battles that often aren't openly discussed. This is real life. And people need to feel understood and like they are not alone. Part of my calling is to provide that sense to other people, especially moms.

I am a real mama, a real wife with a lot of real flaws and maybe not your typical blogger. I am ALWAYS trying to find better ways to maximize my time, my space, and make the most out of this beautiful (crazy) life. It's important to me to find (and provide) real, relevant, information. It's also important for me to provide real, sarcastic, pointless readings that make people LAUGH. So I try to just write on my life, what's on my heart, what I am struggling with, what I have tried and failed at and tried and succeeded in. Luckily, my family is amazing and funny and crazy, so there is never a shortage of material. I try and share my ups and downs and all the in-betweens in the hopes that one other mama out there reads it and feels a sense of peace in her heart because she can relate, or needed the laugh, or just needed to know she isn't the only one striving and hustling and often feeling like she is falling short. We are all real mams- real busy and real tired, but oh so blessed.



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