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Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my little site! My name is Lauren and I am thrilled to have you here reading! A little bit about myself: I am a wife, a mother to two amazing babies, a follower of Jesus, a career and dream chaser, a 10 year recovering drug addict and so much more. At one point in my life I lost everything to my addiction. I never believed I would live the life I get to live today. Because of this I try to practice an "attitude of gratitude" to the best of my ability. I fail a lot, but the beauty with life is that we are always given the chance to improve and be better than the day before, the moment before. I am blessed to call my husband my best friend, so naturally this means I adore him and he can drive me nuts all in the same minute. We have been through a lot of life together and I am grateful every day to call him mine. He believes in me, always. He is hands down the gentlest man I know, and dam he's a looker. The boy gets better with time, and for this I am a lucky lady! I am a real estate agent in the state of Georgia where we live and I also work part time marketing for a huge big box retailer. I am driven by my faith, a tad OCD, an avid reader. I am an only child who would love to have more babies if I could just make more money, find about 5-10 more hours in each day, and oh yea; convince my husband to get on board. My life is busy and messy and chaotic. My life is real. I have good days and bad days. The days go by painfully slow and unbelievably fast all at the same time! My inspiration for this blog is for women in all seasons of life to have a place to stop and feel like they can relate. This blog may not always have professional looking pictures or fancy recipes to re post, but I promise it will be real. It has been placed on my heart to share some of my life and some of my current struggles because I believe there are so many women out there like me, all just trying to get by and be the best versions of ourselves. We live in a world full of filters and perfect looking pictures of perfect looking houses and spotless children. It's all gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing, but it is so not my reality! I am a real wife, a real mama with a real life. I am real tired ( like all the time) but REAL blessed. I hope y'all can laugh and learn some fun things and above all, feel like you can relate. Happy reading!

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