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My 2019 "Best Of" Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I can not believe Mother's Day is upon us! I don't know about y'all, but it just feels like this year is going by SO fast! Mother's Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays. Do I need to explain why? Not because of the gifts and all of that. I feel such a true sense of pride and gratitude to be able to mother that it is so fun to me to have an entire day dedicated just to that.

All that  being's still pretty nice to get some good gifts, right? haha! I love my husband dearly, but ladies, everyone needs good gift guidance! So feel free to print this out and lay it around all over your house/forward it to your husband's emails/whatever! I have also tried to include a gift guide that includes gifts I would love to receive, but also gifts appropriate to give my mom and my mother-in-law and those other special (often difficult to buy for women). I am also big on buying unique gifts that are either personal to who you are buying for or just very thoughtful. I hope what you see helps! *Click each picture to be brought to the link to buy*

1. Name necklace

This never goes out of style. I get SO many comments on mine. I have tried a few different ones, and this one is hands down my favorite. I love the delicate engraving on it and that it can fit my kid's names as well as their birthdate and it is still dainty and lays nicely on my neck. My length is   and I like that because I can wear a longer necklace with it or a few short bar necklaces and the layering looks great. These make such meaningful, intimate gifts for moms.

2. Grandma or mom bracelet

This is one of my favorite gifts I have given my mom and is a great one for a mother-in-law as well. I scoured online trying to find something for both this special woman in my kids lives. I feel like the bracelet is very appropriate for grandmas because it is not such a statement piece like a necklace is, so customizing it to their style is much easier. I also feel like name necklaces are better for mamas and the personalized name bracelets make more sense for the Grandma's. You can personalize it to whatever special name the Grandma goes by.

3. Breast Milk Gift

What? Did I mis type? What is this crazy woman saying as a gift idea?!? I did not mis type and this is possibly the favorite gifted jewelry I own. Now, this is very specific to nursing moms. I absolutely cherish mine! Basically, it is my breast milk saved into a very beautiful, custom ( better be, I don't want to be rocking some other chick's boob milk) piece of jewelry. I don't totally get the entire process, and it consists of mailing your milk to this woman who then does some type of freeze dryed something or another to preserve your milk. She then fits it into a piece of jewelry. Sounds a little too granola for you? I get it. It's not for everyone. But here's the thing, I LOVED nursing. It is possibly one of my biggest joys of being a mom and is such an intense bonding experience for me. It's always bitter sweet when it comes to an end. My husband gifted my breast milk ring to me on my first Mother's Day when Palmer was nearing a year and I knew I would be weaning her soon. I have worn it every day since then. No one needs to know what it is, but I do. And it's a little piece of that chapter of our life that I treasure. I also get SO many compliments on my ring from strangers because it is so beautiful, and I LOVE chuckling on the inside knowing what it really is. Below is my actual ring. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't recall where he got it from. I have linked another jeweler on Etsy that has great reviews. I plan to get my next one for my son from here. Also, please ignore my dry cuticles. My LORD! I may just need to upload another picture after I get a manicure or slather on some oil on those poor fingers!

4. Canvas picture of your kids

This is something I would love gifted to me, but also makes a great gift for the grandmother's in your life that have everything. My wonderful mother-in-law falls into this category. I am someone who loves to gift thoughtful gifts, but it's tricky when they have it all. This is one of my favorite go-to's.

5. Spa Day

No description needed. I am just going to leave this here. Men: read it, buy it, gift it. We are women who give our all to needy little humans and big needy men (that's you). Give us a day to be pampered!

6. Girls Day

This is a great gif for husband's to plan for their wives- plan a little lunch or dinner for your woman and her gals. Ladies, this is a great gift for you to plan for you and your mom and/or mother-in-law to get away and bond and have a nice meal.

7. Baby Keepsake Kit

I love this idea for new moms. It is thoughtful and something they can keep and be reminded of their first year being a mom. I have linked the one in the picture below. You can fill this with ultrasound pictures, babie's hospital cap and hospital bracelets, binky, etc.

8. Magnolia Table Cookbook

I feel like this is a little played out, but truthfully Joanna Gaines is pure perfection in my eyes and everything she touches is gold. This book is actually awesome and full of gems.

9. Funny Mom t-shirts

These are SO soft and yummy and a GREAT gift for that laid back mom who can rock a t-shirt and jeans like no other.

10. Embraced

This is currently my favorite devotional, and I read it like a chapter book versus one devotional a day because it is that good. It's for women. I bought this for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. I think it's a great gift to share with those strong, Christian women in your life. I love the idea of reading it and randomly texting about what you've read or how it impacted you and/or praying about what struck you. It's a great way to bond and connect.

Well, that's it ladies! My 10 favorite, mostly out of the box, Mother's Day gifts for 2019. Now shop on and spoil all the wonderful, strong, selfless mamas in the world!



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