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Bap Bap's Baked Goods

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Welcome to Bap Bap's Baked Goods Corner! Bap Bap is my one of a kind father who has been dubbed "Bap Bap" by my children. He is a 67 year old Vietnam Vet who still works full time traveling across the Southeast as a Physician Recruiting Manager. He can fix and build just about anything, hits the gym daily, chops wood arguably more efficiently than my 29 year old beef cake of a husband (sorry baby), and rides his John Deere like a Harley. He also is a kick ass, outside of the box, from-scratch baker.

Enter the inspiration for this section of my blog. See, my dad is kind of known for this. The neighbors expect my dad to be the one who provides the deserts for the neighborhood holiday party. And not just provide, but the tradition has been set that my dad replicates the December issue of the desert feature on the cover of @Southern Living magazine. He executes this annually to perfection. He bakes the Cake Walk donations for my kids school, and teachers and parents alike end up in small riots over who gets to choose his display of from -scratch goodies. Months later, they are BEGGING for more. My childhood friends still reminisce on the sleep overs at my house where my dad would bake us the yummiest deserts or blend the most ridiculous concoction of a milkshake that truly was chocolate heaven in a glass. My husband's family is so obsessed with his brownies and crumb cakes that my dad regularly FLYS with said baked goods when we go to Florida to visit...As in he preps and bakes something to have ready for them upon landing and flies it on his lap with the same care I would my child.

So in addition to my dad possessing this sweet (see what I did there) God given talent, he is do I put this...unique in how he puts together many of his deserts. He pretty much is incapable of making a "normal" desert. Something has to be added, filled, or covered that sets it apart from a text book desert recipe. Examples include white chocolate and peanut butter chip brownies with German chocolate icing, milkshakes that have chunks of CAKE blended into them, bread pudding smothered in white chocolate ganache and raspberry drizzle...this one, his most recent, about killed me. Chocolate chip brownies with from scratch cinnamon crumb cake what in the actual *expletive*. Who even comes up with this stuff? Like, at one point did it enter into his mind to take streussel crumb topping and bake it atop brownies? I am left with no words...and 5 extra pounds because dam if they weren't delicious as are all of his other creations. So due to the ongoing requests from various friends, neighbors, and co-workers I am dedicating an entire section of my blog with updated recipes for his Sunday night family desert. Some of these may sound weird...most of these may be slightly outside of the box..but ALL of them will be delicious. So enjoy, my friends! Bake your little hearts out and blame it on Bap Bap when those pants start to fit a little snugger....

**All Sunday desert posts will be posted in my "In the Kitchen" box with other recipes. Also, watch my Instagram stories on Sunday for the weekly reveal of what we are indulging on!

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